3 Tips For Using Remix on Instagram Reels

It seems like about twice a day there is another Instagram update that either alters the way the app looks or adds entirely new functionality. Due to the constant updates, it can be easy to naturally start to ignore them. While ignoring new updates may not matter for most run-of-the-mill software updates, Instagram’s newest Remix feature is definitely one that you should spend some time learning about.

This article will take a look at three tips for using Remix on Instagram reels.

You should already be familiar with Instagram’s Remix tool if you’ve ever used TikTok’s duet feature, as it’s essentially the same thing. If not, Instagram’s new Remix feature allows you to incorporate other people’s reels into your own posts via a split-screen. The other person’s original reel will appear on the left and you will be able to create a new reel that plays alongside the old one. 

Now, let’s take a look at three tips for using the Remix feature.

Duets were one of the biggest features that made using TikTok feel more like a social experience, instead of just a passive video watching experience. They directly let people interact with each other, participate in challenges, and share their reactions to other videos. They are definitely part of the reason why TikTok has become so wildly popular.

Keep all of this in mind when you are creating Remixes on Instagram and encourage your audience to share and participate in your reel. Encouraging people to remix your reel (or creating content that is easily remixable) opens up your videos to the possibility of going viral. The first step in doing this is to make sure that the Remix feature is actually turned on, which has to be done manually before posting a reel.

In social media, it seems like challenges and “meme formats” dominate the landscape. By this, we mean that a framework emerges for creating successful content so people take this framework but tweak it slightly to make it their own. This phenomenon was first seen during the Harlem Shake phase, where everyone took the framework of a video idea and altered it just slightly to make it unique. While it’s important to participate in challenges and viral movements when they come along, don’t forget to always bring your own ideas to the table.

To do this, really think about what sets your online brand apart and how you can use a Remix to exemplify that. This could be anything from humor, sophisticated editing, education, or opinionated pieces. Platforms are saturated with generic content so set yourself apart by being original.

This may sound like a minor or obvious tip but it’s so incredibly important that it might be the most critical on this list. A huge majority of people don’t have sound on when they’re scrolling through reels. Making sure that you have closed captions on will make a huge difference in whether they stop and watch or simply scroll past. 

We hope that you’ve found this article valuable when it comes to understanding 3 tips that you can use for using Remix on Instagram reels. If you are interested in learning more Instagram tips and tricks, check out our article on building a strong Instagram account, or subscribe to our newsletter below!

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