17 Top Programmatic Advertising Platforms to Use in 2024

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Cutting through online noise to reach potential customers is a big deal for advertisers and marketers. Programmatic advertising platforms can help you do that effectively.

But how?

By automatically displaying your ads to people who are most likely to care based on their interests and habits.

Pretty cool, right?

Instead of blasting ads and hoping they stick, programmatic platforms let you get super targeted. This means better ROI for your digital advertising campaigns.

In this article, we spotlight 17 top platforms that can take your ads game to new heights in 2024.

Learn how these platforms get you in front of high-value eyeballs. And save time while winning over customers massively.

Ready to wow and convert customers like never before?

Let’s dive into the world of programmatic advertising platforms!

How Programmatic Advertising Works

Programmatic advertising allows you to show your ads to the right people at the right time. It uses data to decide which ads to show on a website or app.

You don’t have to guess who will see your ad because the system looks at things like what someone likes and does online.

This means you can be sure that more of the right people are seeing your message without wasting time or money.

This smart way of showing ads is getting bigger every year. By 2027, lots of money will be spent on programmatic advertising globally – projected to reach $19.12 Billion. Programmatic advertising is generally used by larger industries such as airline advertising, automotive advertising, bank and financial services advertising, beauty and cosmetics advertising and entertainment advertising. Plus, you can manage your digital ad space easily and quickly with programmatic platforms.

Programmatic advertising services

Programmatic advertising services

Source: frescodata.com

Benefits of Using Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Programmatic advertising platforms offer several benefits for advertisers. Their laser-focused targeting and real-time bidding are super helpful features.

Here are some key benefits of using programmatic platforms.

Increased Efficiency

You want to get your ads out there fast and make the most of every dollar. That’s where programmatic advertising platforms shine. They use smart computer programs to buy ad space automatically.

This means your ads get in front of people who are more likely to be interested, and it happens super fast. No more waiting around or guessing where to put your ads.

Think about it like this: instead of baking cookies one by one, you’re using a cookie-making machine that pops them out perfectly, non-stop.

These platforms do all the hard work for digital advertisers and business owners. They offer a streamlined, powerful approach to online advertising!

Improved Targeting Capabilities

Programmatic ads are like smart billboards that know exactly the people to show your message. These platforms use details like age, gender, location, what people like, and how they act online.

This means you can put your ad in front of the right eyes – not just anyone’s! With these tools, you’re not spraying messages everywhere and hoping for the best. Instead, you’re a sharpshooter hitting the bullseye with every ad.

Imagine changing your ads on the fly to talk directly to someone’s interests or shopping habits. That’s power! And it gets better; some programs can even predict which new trends will hit big next.

Greater Control Over Campaigns

You get to call the shots with programmatic advertising platforms. They give you the power to pick who sees your ads and when they pop up. This means your ad can show up at just the right time for the right people.

And because it’s all done in real time, you can make changes fast if something isn’t working.

Do you like to tweak every part of your ad campaign from one spot? With these platforms, that’s possible! You’re in control of where your ads go, whether they are on mobile phones, websites, or social media.

Improved ROI

Making more money from your ads is a big reason to use programmatic ad platforms. These smart systems show your ads to people who are most likely interested in what you’re selling. This means you don’t waste money showing ads to people who won’t buy anything.

It’s like having a super-targeted way to put your ad dollars where they’ll work hardest for you.  Of course, your goal is to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

These platforms also keep track of how well different strategies and places for your ads work. They help focus on the winners and drop those not performing as required.

Benefits of programmatic advertising

Benefits of programmatic advertising

Source: saasbpm.com

Types of Programmatic Ad Platforms

Ready to dive into the high-tech world of programmatic ads? The right platform could transform your ads efforts and ROI. Let’s break down the programmatic platforms into the major types.

Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs)

Demand-side platforms, or DSPs, are like special helpers for you to buy ad spaces across the internet. They let you reach out to lots of places where your ads can show up without having to talk to each one by one.

You want your ad seen on many websites and apps, right?

A DSP does that job for you quickly. It connects with ad exchanges and data sources so you can find the best spots for your ads.

Using a top-notch DSP means getting your message in front of the right people at the right time! For example, The Trade Desk and MediaMath are some of the awesome DSPs available in 2024.

Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs)

Supply-side platforms, or SSPs for short, are super important if you’re a digital publisher looking to make money from your website or app. Think of them like high-tech helpers that let you sell ads in lightning-fast auctions.

This way, the space on your site or app goes to the highest bidder, and you get the most cash out of it. SSPs smooth out the whole process by linking you up with many advertisers without breaking a sweat.

Ad Exchanges

Ad exchanges offer a special way of managing digital advertising spaces. Think of them as big online stores where advertisers and publishers buy and sell ad inventory.

They let people who want to show ads meet with those with space for ads on their websites or apps.

This happens in real time, and it’s all automatic – like a stock exchange, but for advertisements! You can pick out the exact spots where you want your ads to show up and decide how much you’re willing to pay.

This makes sure your ads reach the right people without wasting money.

Ad exchanges simplify everything by bringing together many ad networks, DSPs, and SSPs in one place. You don’t need middlemen.

Just set up shop in an ad exchange platform and start trading directly with others looking to buy or sell advertising space.

Ad exchanges give you more power over where and how your ads are displayed.

Types of programmatic advertising platforms

Types of programmatic advertising platforms

Source: target-video.com

Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Data Management Platforms, or DMPs for short, are like smart lockers where advertisers keep important info. They help you make clever choices when buying ads and improve your ad campaigns.

It’s like having a tool that remembers what works best so you don’t have to guess – DMPs do that! With lots of companies using them, it’s clear they’re a big hit.

Using a DMP means you can put just the right touch on your digital ads. Think about how powerful it is to know what your audience likes and doesn’t like. This knowledge lets you show people ads that matter to them.

17 Top Programmatic Advertising Platforms

The leading programmatic platforms can help marketers achieve their advertising goals. They merge cutting-edge tech with user-centric tactics to delight advertisers.

Let me walk you through 17 of the best programmatic advertising platforms.


PubMatic is one of top programmatic advertising platforms

PubMatic is one of top programmatic advertising platforms

PubMatic stands out as a leading ad platform. The platform is made for publishers who want to sell their online ad space easily and smartly.

It is a powerful helper that lets publishers connect with lots of advertisers. And shows ads that fit just right with what people are looking at online.

For good reasons, this platform is on the list of best ones to use in 2024. It helps publishers get more money from their ads and ensures those ads reach the right folks.

If you’re advertising in 2024, keep an eye on PubMatic; they’re doing big things!


MediaMath programmatic advertising

MediaMath programmatic advertising

MediaMath is one of the trailblazers in the world of programmatic ad buying. Since 2007, it’s carved out a name for itself by offering wide access to premium publishers. This is key for you if reaching large audiences with quality content matters.

It wraps powerful campaign management tools into one sleek platform. What’s more, its recent union with Infillion underscores its hefty role in an industry on track to hit massive global worth.

You’ll find MediaMath serves up both ready-to-go and customizable options. These options let your brand make the right splash across all screens. This flexibility means you can shape how and where your message lands.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ads Manager programmatic advertising

Google Ads Manager programmatic advertising

Google Ad Manager is a giant in the world of programmatic advertising. It’s not just any platform. Google reaches nearly everyone online and receives over 80 billion visits every month.

Google Ad Manager platform lets you control where and how your ads appear. This ensures they’re seen by people who are most likely to be interested.

What makes Google Ad Manager shine is its toolbox for success. It’s helping large traffic publishers find the right audience while tracking their ads’ performance.

This platform should be on your radar if you aim to be at the top in 2024.  Google Advertising Agency can assist you in hitting big advertising goals and getting to the top!

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud should be a top pick for your media buying needs. The platform allows you to plan and manage all your ads, from video to display in a single place.

This platform lets you connect with customers at every step of their journey. You can see how they interact with your brand across different touchpoints with Adobe Analytics.

What’s more, it’s great for reaching audiences on connected TV and other channels. You’ll get tools to create and manage campaigns across multiple media types.

If you’re in eCommerce, Adobe Advertising Cloud makes it super easy to launch various ads straight from one platform.

Whether it’s a clever banner on a website or an engaging video ad before someone’s favorite show starts streaming, this platform has got you covered.

If you’re into eCommerce, you may want to check out eCommerce advertising agency.

War Room

War Room Advertising Platform

War Room Advertising Platform

War Room is your go-to for mixing the smarts of people with top tech in ads. This War Room team in Vancouver knows their stuff about online programmatic ads.

They hook up with networks, exchanges, and platforms to get your ad where it needs to be. Their skills shine in connected TV advertising too.


AdRoll Programmatic Advertising

AdRoll Programmatic Advertising

AdRoll brings together AI-driven marketing software to target audiences and engage them. The platform does this across different channels.

What makes AdRoll special is its ability to blend ads on the web, social media platforms, and even email marketing campaigns all in one spot.

 AdRoll offers digital marketing and growth services you can count on for your brand to grow revenue without wasting time.

Marketers like you give it thumbs up for being detailed, offering clear pricing, and featuring easy-to-use tools. Their tools make your ad placement more effective and efficient.


Amobee Programmatic Advertising

Amobee Programmatic Advertising

Amobee is a key player for digital advertisers aiming to reach their audience across various channels. This platform allows you to manage ads on TV, programmatic spaces, and even social media from one spot.

It’s like having a super tool that ensures your ads hit the mark, whether on a big screen or in an Instagram feed.

With Amobee, you get smart tech that understands where and when your ad should show up for the best results. You can fine-tune your campaigns with advanced targeting while pulling in more insights than ever before.

Amobee takes the guesswork out of advertising and gives you power over multiple demand sources.


SmartyAds Programmatic AdvertiseMint Platform

SmartyAds Programmatic AdvertiseMint Platform

SmartyAds is a full-stack programmatic platform that caters to advertisers and publishers looking to buy and sell ads more effectively. With its self-serve DSP, you get the power to launch ad campaigns that hit the mark.

You can sharpen your advertising efforts, ensuring each ad reaches the right eyes at the right time. Think of SmartyAds as a toolkit filled with smart ways to improve ad performance and meet your advertising goals.

SmartyAds allows you to manage every aspect of your ad journey in one place. It streamlines how you handle advertising inventory, making complex tasks simpler.

Whether it’s video ads or social media platforms, this robust ecosystem gets your message out there without a fuss. It helps you tap into modern advertising tactics that keep pace with the times.


Criteo Programmatic advertising platform

Criteo Programmatic advertising platform

Criteo is gearing up to take on the future. They’re building new ways to reach people with ads that matter to them. Criteo can be a smart tool in your advertising toolbox. It’s designed to ensure your message finds the right eyes at the right time.

With their big plans for 2024, they want every ad you send out into the world to land where it will have the most impact.

This platform is serious about helping you get more from your ads without getting lost in tech talk. By focusing on addressable advertising, Criteo ensures that changes in privacy and data don’t knock your strategy off track.

Their multi-pronged approach means better results for you and relevant ads for customers.


Xandr Programmatic advertising platform

Xandr Programmatic advertising platform

You may find Xandr a smart choice for your programmatic advertising needs. This platform lets you buy and sell ads easily.

It has helpful tools for people who want to put ads out there and those who have space to show them. Moreover, Xandr belongs to Microsoft now, which means it has strong backing.

Xandr packs a punch with its full stack of programmatic services. You get great reviews from users like you – real folks who’ve seen success using the platform.

With Xandr, connections are key; it links up with many sources looking for media space. This ensures your ad finds the right eyes at the right time!


Lotame Advertising Platform

Lotame Advertising Platform

Lotame is the go-to platform for digital marketers who need to power up their ad game, especially in the cookieless era we are entering.

With its Panorama ID, you get an alternative identifier that’s making waves in the programmatic space.

This tool helps ads reach the right people at the right time. And without relying on old-school cookies. Marketers are taking note because it means they can keep their ads smart and personal.

The company is not just about one product. It has built a whole suite called Spherical Platform to take first-party data and make it work harder for you.

Need a super-powered database that knows your audience inside out? That’s what you get with Lotame. Lotame offers smarter ad solutions in a world where privacy matters more than ever.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk Programmatic Advertising Platform

The Trade Desk Programmatic Advertising Platform

The Trade Desk is a programmatic advertising platform offering cutting-edge technology to make your digital campaigns shine.

Picture this: you want to reach people who are interested in what you have, not just anybody – your perfect customer.

The Trade Desk makes that happen with tools pinpointing and targeting those individuals across the web.

The company, started by Jeff Green in 2009, has become a leader in the digital advertising industry. The Trade Desk can get your ads to the right screens at the right times. Whether on mobile, desktop, or even TV screens, they’ve got it covered.

Their system ensures businesses like yours get seen by potential customers without wasting a single ad view.


Magnite Effective programmatic advertising

Magnite Effective programmatic advertising

Magnite lights up the supply side of the programmatic advertising scene. This powerhouse helps you sell ads with more speed and better aim to hit your targets.

They keep things humming along smoothly so you can tweak campaigns on the fly and watch those returns on investment climb. It’s all about giving you control to create and switch up audiences without breaking a sweat.

With trends pointing to Magnite’s strong game in digital ad stocks, they’re not just keeping up. They’re setting the pace for where we’re all headed.


Simpli.fi Programmatic advertising platform

Simpli.fi Programmatic advertising platform

Simpli.fi shines by helping agencies and brands precisely hit their targets. The multiple award-winning platform provides top-notch programmatic advertising tools and software that make ad workflows smooth sailing.

What makes Simpli.fi special is its ability to personalize ads based on context. You can reach out to the right people on the web spaces they love. This platform packs a powerful punch with CoreMedia Systems now part of its crew.

Simpli.fi runs an impressive number of programmatic advertising campaigns each month. You should give the platform a try.

Salesforce Audience Studio

Salesforce Audience Studio programmatic advertising

Salesforce Audience Studio programmatic advertising

Salesforce Audience Studio lets you dive deep into customer data. It helps turn every bit of information into a chance to get closer to your audience.

It’s all about connecting dots with AI – from what they click, where they go, to who they are. The platform gives you the power to make ads that speak directly to your audience.

By seamlessly hooking up with Customer 360 Audiences, Salesforce Audience Studio turns ordinary ad campaigns into smart conversations. And with the right people at the right time.

With Salesforce Audience Studio, you get more than ad impressions. You build connections that make sense for each person and their journey.

Creating effective programmatic ads isn’t just possible with this platform. It becomes part of how you win over customers day by day.


StackAdapt is a programmatic advertising platform that offers multichannel ad solution

StackAdapt is a programmatic advertising platform that offers multichannel ad solution

StackAdapt is another great choice for your programmatic advertising needs. It’s a self-service platform that top digital marketers rely on to push the boundaries in advertising technology.

This leader in the field offers a range of creative ad formats sure to grab attention and get results.

With StackAdapt, you can tailor your political advertising campaigns with precision. The flexible platform enables you to reach audiences effectively, ensuring every ad hits the mark.

Take advantage of its cutting-edge tools and watch your campaign performance soar.


BidTheatre is one of the leading programmatic advertising platforms

BidTheatre is one of the leading programmatic advertising platforms

BidTheatre is a popular programmatic advertising platform, especially for medium-sized businesses. Think of it as your digital auctioneer – it’s where ads find the perfect spot to shine in real time.

Your messages reach every stage of the marketing funnel, helping you talk to customers when they are just looking or ready to buy.

This DSP not only ramps up your ad game but tunes it to perfection with laser-focused targeting. BidTheatre paves the way for more impactful campaigns without blowing your budget sky-high.

It’s one of those smart choices savvy advertisers make to stay ahead of the competition.


Programmatic advertising is changing the digital marketing game big time. We’ve covered the leading players in the field and how you can take advantage of them.

Programmatic advertising platforms give digital advertisers and marketers the tools to level up. Whether you want to cast a wider net, micro-target niche fans, or leverage data-driven decisions, the tech can help.

As the platforms keep getting smarter, it’s easy to get paralyzed by the numerous options. So, focus on your biggest marketing goals. Find where they overlap with a platform’s strengths, test some campaigns, and then tweak as required.

Rinse and repeat if the campaigns turn out great!

The future looks bright for advertisers and marketers. But what matters now is using available tools to sell your products and services.

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