How to Find Your Target Audience

How to find your target audience

How to find your target audience

Making sales in your business feels great, but selling to the wrong people won’t grow your biz. Finding the right audience is key in marketing.

Wondering how to find your target audience and grow your business in leaps and bounds?

In 2018, Tom launched a vegan food company without figuring out his audience first. Sales were bad for six months. Tom then realized he hadn’t made buyer personas to guide his marketing.

By finding his ideal customers – healthy millennial moms – Tom changed how he talked about and promoted his brand online. Focusing on this target audience made sales jump 81% in a year!

Sounds great, right?

I have written this article to show you how to identify and connect with your brand’s target audience.

This article will help you:

• Understand what a target audience is and why choosing it rightly matters

• Create detailed buyer personas that match your target customers

• Find where your people spend time online to connect with them

• Focus your marketing on your audience for better success

And more!

Get ready for some serious marketing wisdom. Stay tuned to learn how to find your target audience and sell more of your products or services.

But What is a Target Audience?

A target audience is a group of people most likely to buy what you’re selling. Getting to know them well helps your marketing hit the bullseye!

When you know your target audience, you can create products, offers, and ads that speak right to them. It helps you speak their language in a way they can relate to. This sharpens your marketing strategy and makes selling a whole lot easier.

Target your audience

Target your audience


Types of Target Audience

When it comes to audiences for your business, you’ve got options! Let’s check out the major audience types.

Demographic Audiences

These groups are segmented by info like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Occupation

Psychographic Audiences

These groups are segmented by personality, likes, and lifestyles. What are your customers passionate about? What are their values?

This audience group provides answers to those questions.

Behavioral Audiences

These groups are segmented by how they act with brands/ads:

  • Ultra price-conscious bargain hunters
  • Tech early adopters
  • Impulse shoppers
  • Loyalty program members

Mass markets can work, but niches are usually better. When you define a specific target audience, you can get to know their wishes and needs. This helps turn them into buyers!

Right target audience

Right target audience


Examples of Target Audiences

Let’s check out some real business examples of awesome target audiences! This will spark ideas that will help you identify your target audience for marketing.

If you sell fancy watches, look past just targeting “rich dudes.” Go deeper! Think about:

  • Who needs watches to seem important at work? Target bigshot lawyers, bankers, and CEOs.
  • Who thinks watches show status? Target loaded retirees buying bling gifts.

If you run a teacher supplies store, one target is educators! But check out groups like:

  • Elementary teachers needing deco and visual aids
  • College profs seeking tech tools for classes
  • Homeschooling parents who directly buy books/gear

For a reusable water bottle shop, hunt down eco-friendly niches:

  • Crunchy moms who want safe, non-toxic kid stuff
  • Nature freaks supporting green Earth causes
  • Health-conscious people avoiding plastic waste
  • Companies buying custom-branded water bottles made sustainably

See how it works? The more precise your audience, the better! Use laser focus on their wants, needs, and interests.

Target Market vs. Target Audience

What’s the difference between a target market and a target audience? Let’s compare these two related terms.

A target market is a wide group of people that may need your product. It’s a big pool of potential buyers.

Some examples are:

  • Men age 30-45
  • Midwest moms
  • Youth sports teams

See how these are pretty broad? You throw your fishing line into those waters to try and catch customers. But there may be waste with people who don’t want or need your offer.

A target audience is the specific group of people who are actually likely to buy from you. This is the bullseye you should always aim to hit!

To narrow it down, think:

  • What problem do I solve?
  • Who has this problem big time?
  • What values can I deliver?
  • Who cares most about this?

Examples are:

  • Busy mothers searching for fast, healthy dinners to cook for the family
  • DIY bloggers looking for affordable craft materials made from recycled content for sustainability-focused projects
  • Beginner marathon runners signed up for their first big race and getting ready to start a training plan

The tighter your audience, the better! You can get to know your specific audience deeply and serve them perfectly.

The target market casts a wide net that may get a poor catch. But a defined target audience helps reel in your ideal fish! So, get clear on the niche that needs YOU most to boost sales.

Reach your target market

Reach your target market


Defining Your Target Audience

When you correctly define and reach your target audience, you can market right to their hearts. Let’s dig into some of the best ways to define your target audience.


Take a look at the people already buying something similar to your offer. See what they have in common for age, job, gender, and location. Hard facts like income and family size help you spot trends.

Market Research

Go beyond surface info to lifestyle and psychographic details. What gets your target group excited? What niche hobbies do they geek out on? Use these clues to reach your audience and make them comfortable with your brand!

Behavior Analysis

Pay attention to what they actually do. See what sites, forums, and content they love. Note how often they buy or engage. Use popular channels like email and social platforms to connect.

Spot Your Main and Side Groups

Figure out who’s the prime target versus secondary options. For example, work hard focusing on suburban moms before trying to win over urban dads.

Keep Getting to Know Your Audience

Treat your audience like old friends. Cook up awesome content and offers that directly speak to them. Content marketing is a high priority for most marketers – 82% reported ongoing investments in it.

Stay up on who they are and what they care about to keep serving them great!

Understanding your target audience

Understanding your target audience

Creating Target Personas for Effective Marketing

Want to get inside future customers’ heads and make your marketing more effective? Creating buyer personas helps with that! These are example characters based on who you think will buy.

Businesses leveraging customer personas reported a 56% revenue increase and a 24% rise in marketing leads.

Consider details about hypothetical customers who would use your product or service. What might their job, age, financial status, and priorities be? Give these illustrative personas names.

Dream up little life details that seem real, like hobbies and family concerns. What pain points would lead them to need you?

Let’s look at a few examples to make the picture clearer.

Meet Jenny: Jenny is a stressed, 35-year-old single mother and real estate agent. She is on a tight budget and has no time to cook always. She’s burnt out but wants quick, healthy food for her kids before their sports games.

Now, you can tailor messaging specifically to what Jenny wants to hear. Emphasize quick single-serve appliances perfect for squeezing meals between showings. Share budget-friendly recipe content for kids’ sports nutrition.

And what if another persona was Will, a 60-year-old retiree hosting large family gatherings? He requires versatile tools to master new recipes. You should showcase multicookers suitable for big batches of stew. Go further to describe their senior-friendly safety features.

Getting to know personas like Jenny and Will lets you personalize your marketing to match their needs. 76% of consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses that personalize the marketing experience

Focusing on what matters most to them helps pump up and win over future shoppers.

Inventing such real-ish personas helps you walk in future buyers’ shoes. Now, you can speak to what groups want and tailor it just for them in your marketing campaigns.

Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona


Understanding and Connecting with Your Target Audience

Want your message to click instantly? Then you need to speak right to each group of audience you have!

Do your homework to understand what resonates with groups. But communicating rightly to each is more important.

Sure, all millennial mothers love their kids. But city and suburban families can have very different needs. Communicate with each one accordingly.

Some people want to hear how you’ll help them grow as a person. A travel site could spotlight trips that open minds and change worldviews.

Others just require facts on affordable deals and being legitimate. Tout years of happy wanderers while showcasing deals. Cater messaging to what matters most.

Crafting posts on social media platforms that speak directly to specific niches improves engagement.

For example, a natural foods company could share seasonal recipes while highlighting local farms on location-specific pages. Feeling that local connection helps convert casual visitors into loyal brand advocates.

Got the point?

The more precise your focus on a micro-market, the bigger your sales potential grows. Carefully crafted messages help you connect with your audience deeply. They turn strangers into friends quickly.

Understand and reach your audience

Understand and reach your audience


Product or Service Alignment

Aligning your product or service with what people want to buy is key to marketing success. You have to offer solutions that promise to fix the headache of your ideal audience. Scratch them right where they itch!

Let’s clarify this with an example.

Say you’re a natural foods company. Let’s use that particular example again.

Survey your local Superfoodies to uncover what’s blocking them from green, gluten-free bliss in your city. The issues could be:

  • No time for long trips to Whole Foods stores
  • Too burnt out from work to deal with complex recipes
  • Want all the organics but need tight budgets

So, what’s the better option?

Cast a wide net targeting “foodies”? Or go niche?

Go niche!

Address exact pinpoints causing them pain and offer up:

  • Meal prep kits for fast weeknight cooking
  • Affordable ingredients from trusted local sources
  • Classes on keeping sustainable eating simple

Getting the idea?

Identify precisely where they struggle, and then solve those problems. Offer every solution imaginable to squash those obstacles. Doing so turns strangers into a squad of brand superfans who feel seen.

The same idea works for any business. Tech startup aiming your gadgets at hobbyists?

Deep dive into online forums. Discover exactly what current options are missing to make their lives easier. Then, engineer the perfect widget to save their day.

In a nutshell, lock in your target audience’s frustrations. Craft the exact solution for their needs. Rinse and repeat as the pains they feel morph over time. This fine-tuned alignment is the sauce that delivers satisfaction and referrals!

Maximizing Strategies and Insights

Want to harness your data superpowers to get inside your audience’s head? It’s time to pay attention to analytics. Analytics equip you with the power to understand your target audience.

Leverage social media analytics!

  • Scout your brand’s pages for fan trends across age, location, and interests. Facebook Insights and X (Twitter) Analytics break it down with filters and charts.
  • See what content they click, share, and comment on as much as you can. Emotional life stories? Snackable tips? Ask, and your social media marketing metrics shall tell!
  • Hashtag data also shows niches. Organic recipes? Finance memes? DIY crafts? Spot tribes and ride those trends!

Go deeper: Mine your website statistics!

Pay attention to Google Analytics, Shopify, Wix, or whatever platform you use.

  • Traffic sources show where to focus marketing efforts more. Bounce rates indicate what pages and flows to improve.
  • Heatmaps display usability pain points. Watch click/scroll behaviors to engage each visit better.
  • Filter actions by new vs returning visitors. Welcome newcomers while rewarding a loyal community.

By applying data analytics, you have the power to craft perfectly tailored offerings for every audience. Make analytics a key part of your marketing plan.

Keep tapping into data breadcrumbs your community leaves to guide your way. Allow their signals to fuel marketing masterpieces that magnetize your crowd!

Analytics for target audience

Analytics for target audience


Target Audience Segmentation

Your marketing can work way better with segmentation. Try to segment your target audience into special interest groups that share things in common! This is called niche segmentation.

Segmentation unlocks critical intel. Companies leveraging audience segmentation understand their customers’ motivations 130% better.

Instead of blasting one message to everybody, tightly focus efforts on smaller circles likely to care about what you say. Let’s see some examples.

Your natural makeup company may first define broad targets – like health-focused women 24 – 40. Nice start!

But get more specific by splitting into segments such as:

City millennials:

  • Love clean beauty social media stars
  • Care about ingredient lists
  • Check reviews like hawks
  • Show how your makeup is non-toxic

Suburban moms:

  • Have packed family schedules
  • Want gentle products for kid skin
  • Ask friends for advice

Tailored messages to each segment will work better than a one-size-fits-all pitch.

Keep on with audience research to know what different groups wish you understood about them. Then, show you understand their special interests and discuss what matters to them. Feeling heard wins trust!

Segment your audience

Segment your audience


Engagement and Community Building With Your Audience

Fostering engagement and building a community around your brand or product is a great long-term strategy. Make people feel seen, heard, and involved to connect with your purpose.

Here are some ways to build loyal communities by leveraging forums, social groups, or events:

Share Your Story: Chat about how your business started, your values, and your team. Getting personal builds trust and connection.

Highlight Fan Content: Reshare great pics and reviews from followers. Show you notice community members by reposting their stuff.

Launch Fun Perks: Give insiders early access to a new product or service, run contests, and offer rewards. Get your audience excited to talk up your brand to their friends for goodies.

Ask for Input: Find out what new items or fixes would help most. People feel ownership when you let them shape your offerings.

Bring fans behind the scenes, celebrate them, and give them bragging rights and special access. Keep listening to collaborate. This goodwill goes a long way.


We’ve covered a lot of ground on how to find your target audience. Let’s wrap up with some key takeaways:

🎯 Know your niche audience inside-out, from demographics to motivations. Get all relevant audience information. Then create detailed buyer personas to embody what makes the group tick.

🎯 Meet needs with offers that fit their lives, like custom gloves. Solve pains through products, content, and community tailored just for them!

🎯 Use audience insights from analytics to connect where they engage already. Always listen to stay tuned to offer what matters most to them.

The benefits overflow when you get your audience excited and genuinely address their concerns. But you have to reach them first using the right channels.

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