What is PPC Automation and How PPC Management Software Plays a Vital Role in eCommerce Growth

The online retail market is getting more competitive by the day, and so is the digital marketing landscape. This means brands need to be on top of their PPC management and optimization, and be able to adapt to market changes in real-time to ensure they don’t miss out on valuable revenue. 

This is where PPC management software and agencies come in. In fact, the global digital marketing software market (valued at $49.43 billion at the end of 2020) is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.2% from 2021 to 2028.

It is almost impossible to grow your online sales without a robust PPC marketing strategy that can be managed and optimized in real-time and ensures you’re getting the most sales from your desired ad spend. To do this, brands have traditionally had two choices: 

  1. Hire a team of PPC campaign experts or a PPC agency 
  2. Invest in PPC management software that works with multiple campaigns 

But what if you could have both?

The right PPC management software should give you the automation and optimization power of machine learning as well as access to a team of PPC marketing experts within your industry. 

So what is PPC management software, and how do you choose the right solution for your business? We’ve got the answers. 

Everything You Need to Know About PPC Management Software

What Are PPC Management Software and Automation Tools?

PPC management software or online tools are platforms that help marketers create, organize, and manage their marketing campaigns for their brands. 

Although each platform offers its own management tools, PPC management software provides a central dashboard for multiple campaigns. There are three main PPC management software types

  1. PPC and marketing data integration and analytics tools
  2. Marketing automation tools and management tools & services
  3. All-in-one PPC management and automation software 

Ideally, you should be looking to invest in an all-in-one option. A robust PPC management software, like Traffic Booster, will not only help you organize your PPC campaigns across multiple campaigns (including Facebook advertising campaigns and Google Ads) from one tool but should offer PPC management and/or optimization automation, too. 

setting up multi-channel eCommerce adssetting up multi-channel eCommerce ads

PPC Agencies vs. PPC Management Software

As your business grows, so will your PPC marketing needs. Without constant monitoring and optimization, your traffic streams, ROAS, and revenue will be hugely impacted. This is virtually impossible without a dedicated PPC marketing team, agency, or PPC management software. 

PPC agencies can be effective for large eCommerce retailers that have more disposable budgets. But here’s the key: even PPC agencies and digital marketers need a level of automation (aka PPC management software) to manage campaigns for all their clients. 

This means that when it comes to campaign management, a good all-in-one PPC management software should be doing both jobs. Additionally, tools like Traffic Booster won’t cost you more than your actual advertising budget and will give you access to a team of PPC experts and digital marketers, making PPC management software far more cost-effective. 


Two words: PPC automation. 

Benefits of Using PPC Management Software 

  1. Multi-channel dashboard 
  2. Easier marketing scaling 
  3. Improved performance reporting 
  4. Real-time optimization 
  5. Access to robust reporting tools 
  6. Automated tasks and management

What Is PPC Automation and When to Use It?

PPC automation involves the use of AI and/or machine learning to automate the running of PPC campaigns. It helps streamline marketing across various channels by creating and managing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. 

Additionally, it enables you to stay competitive in an increasingly aggressive landscape by adjusting to market changes and trends in real-time. 

Simply put, the right PPC automation will not only ensure you are showing the right campaigns to the right audience at the right time to increase conversions, but also automatically tweak multiple campaigns and bids to continuously improve ROAS. 

When should you use PPC campaign automation tools? 

The short answer: now! 

No matter the size of your business, the niche you’re selling in, or the landing page you want to drive traffic to, there is no doubt that PPC automation is vital to campaign management and performance. In fact, even if you have a big in-house PPC marketing team, you should still be investing in PPC automation. 

This could mean increasing your campaign portfolio to include automated ads like Google’s Smart Shopping or Facebook’s dynamic product ads and other campaigns, or using an all-in-one PPC management software that will manage, create, and optimize all your marketing campaigns, including Google and social media advertising. 

What to Look for in PPC Management Software

How do you choose the best PPC software solution? It all depends on your business, budget, and PPC goals. 

There are lots of PPC management software options out there, from simple tools for reporting to more advanced WordStream alternatives. But if you want to stay competitive while improving your campaign results, you need to look for the following: 

The Best PPC Management Software Features

  • Multi-channel dashboard 
  • A dedicated marketing campaign expert and account manager 
  • Real-time optimization across various PPC advertising methods 
  • Automatic bid optimizer and machine learning 
  • Advanced features designed for enterprise growth  
  • Ability to manage and sync products feed without limits
  • Varied PPC campaign channel integrations across search and social media platforms
  • Access to PPC and digital marketing experts to help build the best campaigns (with a relevant product or landing pages) for optimum ROAS

PPC Management Software Costs 

How much should you pay for PPC management? 

PPC management tools start from around $20 per month for the bare minimum features. More realistically, you are looking at around $100 per month and for the most part, this excludes your actual PPC advertising campaign budget. 

In fact, there is only one PPC management tool and service that includes the actual ad spend and excludes any service charges, so there are no additional costs other than your channel investment: StoreYa’s Traffic Booster

It’s not only the most comprehensive PPC management software in terms of automation and real-time optimization, but also the most affordable. 

How to Boost eCommerce Traffic With AI-Powered Digital PPC Advertising

If you’re looking for an all-in-one PPC management software that will automate your entire PPC marketing strategy while simultaneously boosting traffic, improving ROAS, and increasing conversions, you’ve come to the right place. 

Introducing Traffic Booster, an AI-powered digital PPC advertising platform designed to help medium to large online retailers manage and optimize campaigns. 

How Traffic Booster Works

Traffic Booster’s marketing campaign experts create personalized ad campaigns (including ad groups), and their PPC management software and machine learning automatically optimize them. 

Our AI tool is designed to drive the most relevant customers to the most relevant product page, landing page, or store page within your site at the lowest possible cost. 

Traffic Booster’s PPC Advertising Methods

Traffic Booster uses the most relevant eCommerce ad campaigns for your specific store and includes a robust digital marketing strategy for multiple campaigns and their ad groups. These include: 

  1. Google Shopping ads
  2. Smart Shopping campaigns
  3. Dynamic remarketing ads  
  4. Search & Dynamic Search Ads 
  5. YouTube Shopping & action ads
  6. Smart display campaigns ads
  7. Dynamic retargeting ads
  8. Instagram & Facebook advertising and acquisition ads
  9. Bing, TikTok, Pinterest ads and more [Enterprise Edition]

Bonus Tip for Amazon Business Owners: Looking for Amazon PPC software? Sellics is a high-performance advertising software for Amazon advertising campaigns. This PPC automation tool offers AI optimization, competitive insights, and product growth strategies. 

You can learn more about Traffic Booster’s social media and PPC advertising methods, including Google Ads for eCommerce and Facebook PPC, here

PPC Management Software Machine Learning

Traffic Booster’s PPC management software’s algorithm analyzes more than 300 different parameters to optimize your PPC and social media campaigns in real-time. This ensures you’re displaying the most suitable ad to the most relevant high-intent potential customer.

Simplified Dashboard

Traffic Booster’s cross-platform dashboard reflects the most important PPC analytics. This includes a report of your visitors, orders, revenues, and ROAS per channel for multiple campaigns in an easy-to-understand format. It scales up according to the results.

Traffic Booster Partners With the Best

To launch and optimize PPC advertising campaigns, Traffic Booster’s PPC management tool is integrated with the world’s leading eCommerce platforms and top digital marketing and PPC campaign platforms. 

If you are using a custom solution, you can still use the Traffic Booster to drive traffic to your online store through optimized campaigns and ad groups. 

Traffic Booster’s PPC Management Software Benefits

  • Dedicated PPC campaign and marketing expert and account manager 
  • Real-time optimization
  • Multi-channel dashboard with easy-to-use PPC analytics 
  • PPC software with automatic bid optimizer and machine learning 
  • Ability to monitor metrics from all channels on one dashboard
  • Advanced features designed for enterprise growth (Enterprise edition) 
  • Full ad spend and budget are included in the cost 
  • Ability to manage and sync products feed without limits
  • Access to StoreYa’s PPC digital marketers with years of campaign management experience 

Ready to boost sales and optimize ROAS with the best all-in-one campaign management and PPC automation tool? Here are just a few successful case studies from leading eCommerce brands:

traffic booster case study and review 2traffic booster case study and review 2

traffic booster case study and reviewtraffic booster case study and review

traffic booster case study and review traffic booster case study and review

To stay competitive, it’s time to invest in the right PPC management software for your online store. 


So that you can drive more sales to your eCommerce brand with PPC automation for Google Search and display advertising and social media digital marketing campaigns – on autopilot. 

how to set up google ads for eCommercehow to set up google ads for eCommerce



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