Four Quick Instagram Marketing Tips for 2022

Your Instagram ads have the potential to reach 840+ million potential shoppers. Is your Instagram marketing optimized for success?

We know that Instagram is a popular and widely used social eCommerce ads platform. Since its launch in 2010, the app has become a popular social network where businesses can efficiently sell their products and services worldwide.

And in 2022, there is even more potential reach to be had. 

Online stores will want to optimize their marketing for everything from the way you create Instagram posts to the campaigns you incorporate in your overall eCommerce Facebook strategy, to boost sales and scale their eCommerce businesses. 

In this post, we give you four quick Instagram marketing tips to do just that.  

2022 Instagram Marketing Tips 

  1. Review your brand’s Instagram profile performance 
  2. Use the power of hashtags to reach millions of new potential shoppers 
  3. Focus on increasing engagements rates
  4. Adapt your Instagram marketing strategy to your specific audience using advanced analytics and automation

Let’s jump in. 

1. Review Your Brand’s Instagram Profile’s Performance 

To increase Instagram sales, your brand absolutely must stand out from the crowd, and your account optimization is crucial for that. The key is taking advantage of the specific features Business accounts have access to, and using your brand account’s Instagram insights to review and tweak.  

The critical profile elements to optimize are your story displays and main descriptions. The latter also helps brands optimize for Instagram SEO. Optimizing Instagram profiles is something Kohl’s knows a lot about. 

winning Instagram Profile examplewinning Instagram Profile example

[Source: Kohls]

Here’s a short checklist to help newer stores review and optimize their Instagram profiles: 

  • Review your business account hours and contact info
  • Create an FAQ story highlight
  • Use Linktree or other apps to send traffic to specific landing pages 
  • Display UGC and product reviews in your story highlights
  • Create brand hashtags to establish Instagram search visibility and presence 

For more advanced tips on optimizing your eCommerce brand’s Instagram bio and account for shoppers and SEO, click here

2. Use the Power of Hashtags to Reach Millions of Ne w Potential Shoppers 

Optimizing your Instagram content with hashtags helps your posts reach new audiences and improves the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing. 

Additionally, running hashtag campaigns can be incredibly powerful, and designing a hashtag campaign strategy should be one of the first things you do in 2022 to boost your Instagram marketing. 

Let’s look at this post example from Nike LA.  

winning instagram hastag examplewinning instagram hastag example

As you can see, they used hashtags (#astrology #capricorn) to reach potential fans who love astrology. If you click through these hashtags, you would see more than ten million Instagram posts about astrology, which is huge!

winning instagram hastag examplewinning instagram hastag example

In a nutshell: Using hashtags effectively will improve the reach of your posts exponentially.

In fact, with the right hashtags, you can reach audiences you didn’t even know existed. More individuals in your target demographic who haven’t yet found you will begin to follow you. Your presence has suddenly increased!

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags for 2022 from HubSpot for an updated list of popular hashtags you can use for your sponsored posts. 

3. Focus on Increasing Engagements Rates

As we know, high engagement is a critical consideration for Instagram’s algorithm. The greater the level of participation, the more likely it is that the content will be promoted in the newsfeed, attracting more eyes and attention. 

Additionally, potential shoppers may look at engagement as a trust signal for buying your products for the first time. 

This means engagement rates are the most critical metric to track in 2022.  

Here is one tip you can use to increase improve your content’s engagement rates on Instagram this year:

Be the First to Engage 

Instagram is, above all, a social platform. This means to increase engagement, your brand needs to be engaging audiences.

To do this, consider your core target market and hone in on their interests and passions. You can then initiate dialogues, address pertinent issues, or reply to audience issues within comments. 

Investing time in talking to your audience can boost your overall engagement rate dramatically. Look at how smartly Chubbies engages the audience with a puzzle. 

increase instagram engagment increase instagram engagment

[Source: Chubbies

4. Adapt Your Instagram Marketing Strategy to Your Specific Audience Using Advanced Analytics and Automation

2022 is all about automation and optimization. This means getting more Instagram insights in real-time, then using them to tweak your marketing strategy. 

Yes, Instagram itself has a built-in analytics tool that gives essential data in a way that makes it simple to compare content, monitor campaigns, and assess the performance of individual pieces. 

But for 2022, you will want to invest in third-party tools such as Hootsuite for post insights, and Traffic Booster for Instagram eCommerce ad automation and real-time optimization. 

  • Traffic Booster is an advanced PPC automation software designed specifically for eCommerce, including Instagram ads. 
  • Hootsuite is a social media management tool that offers extended Instagram insights, including engagement rates, followers, comments, and post impressions. 

instagram automation toolsinstagram automation tools

Final Thoughts

There you have it: four quick Instagram marketing hacks to start your year off right. 

To recap: You, as a growing eCommerce brand, can quickly optimize your Instagram marketing for 2022, by: 

  1. Reviewing your brand’s Instagram profile performance 
  2. Using the power of hashtags to reach millions of new potential shoppers 
  3. Focusing on increasing engagements rates
  4. Adapting your Instagram marketing strategy to your specific audience using advanced analytics and automation

Still, have Instagram marketing questions? Post them in the comments section below. 


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