Heinz, Match & more: clutter-breaking creative ads of the week

Most ads go unnoticed. In a 2017 article, Dave Trott said ‘In the UK £20.3 billion is spent each year on all forms of advertising and marketing. Of this 4% is remembered positively. 7% is remembered negatively. And a massive 89% isn’t even noticed or remembered.’ In that context, creating ads which are clutter-breaking and remembered (for the right reasons) are commendable. Here are a few which caught my eye this past week:

LinkedIn: Laundromat

Does LinkedIn really need an ad campaign to encourage use of its platform? That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this ad. But I guess one can’t afford to be complacent given the rise of newer platforms such as Indeed. Also, a professional networking & career platform such as LinkedIn conjures up imageries of a corporate world – something very different from a laundromat, where the new ad is set in. The context becomes relevant when you see that a little girl imagines herself as part of various professions – the sort of play acting kids are known to indulge in. Not a path breaking ad perhaps but one that breaks category clutter, in my view.

Agency: Drogs5

Springwel: bringing in mornings ‘well’

Our mood in the mornings can be affected by the quality of our sleep the night before is a common theme adopted by mattress brands. Mattress Firm coined the phrase ‘junk sleep’ to cue poor quality of sleep and its negative impact. A new ad campaign from Springwel goes down the same path of attributing fatigue and errors to the poor quality of sleep the night before. Actor Boman Irani playing the anchor and the line ‘Morning ko bring well with Springwel’ worked for me in this series of three ads.

Agency: Enormous

Heinz: It has to be Heinz

An anthem film which is a montage of people from different walks of life using the brand in quirky situations – set to music. Sounds familiar. ‘The Following is Based on True Events” is the intro frame to a portrayals of ‘Heinz love’ – depicting the lengths to which people go to keep their favourite product from the Heinz range.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York

Match: adults wanted

I didn’t realise that Match has been around since 1995. Since then, the dating services app category has exploded with options. The many players have sliced & diced the category in terms of catering to specific needs, niches while also trying to re-position other brands.

You’ve got OKCupid for somewhat left-leaning nerds who like tests. Raya is for the Soho House set (assuming they’re not hooking up on the Soho House app itself). Lesbians and bi women like Hinge. For gay dudes there’s Grindr. Bumble puts women in control of the conversation. And we won’t even bother finding a slot for Tinder, because it’s Tinder (and it’ll be where Match is in 10-odd years, assuming it survives).


A new campaign from Match is anchored on a study which found that less than half of respondents feel excited or enthusiastic about dating. Moreover, ‘sixty-four percent already feel burned out, what with all the catfishing, ghosting and gaslighting.’ They want to just find the adults in the room. That premise led to an outdoor campaign which aims to appeal to emotionally mature adults.

Agency: Mojo Supermarket

Globant: I, AI

The tone and manner of large IT services firms is usually business-like and serious if not simply boring & staid. Their websites and corporate videos are hardly light-hearted or fun. In contrast, Globant, following its previous effort which poked fun of other consultancy brands as indulging in all-talk and no substance, has released a new ad which pokes fun of the buzzword obsession – especially when it comes to terms like AI and VR.

Agency: GUT

Cornish Orchards: locally pressed cider

The source of ingredients can be a differentiator in a food brand. A new campaign for UK-based cider brand, Cornish Orchards is highlighting the fact that 100% of their apples are locally pressed. A TV spot cleverly dramatises the pressing or ‘crushing’ process by showcasing what they are NOT into – profits, cheap concentrates, influencers and such like. What they are into is made amply clear – turning our apples into cider.

A series of outdoor executions have some great word play.

Agency: The Corner, London

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