Best Alternative to WordStream: Leading PPC Management Software and Keyword Research Tools

If you’re looking for an alternative to WordStream, you’ve come to the right place. 

You already know that relying on individual channel dashboards like Facebook, Bing, Google, and TikTok to optimize your eCommerce ads is virtually impossible at this stage of your business growth. 

But which PPC management automation tool or search engine advertising software is right for you? Do you need an alternative software to automate Google PPC, or just an alternative to WordStream’s free keyword tool for better research? 

In this comparative guide, we will explain everything you need to know so you can choose the right PPC management software, service, or tool to fit your specific business, market, and needs. We will help you find the best alternatives to WordStream in these four main categories. 

  1. All-in-One PPC Management and Automation Services, Tools & Software 
  2. Marketing Automation and Management Tools & Services
  3. PPC and Marketing Data Integration and Analytics Tools
  4. Keyword Research Tools Alternatives 

Top 20 Alternatives to Wordstream

 1. Traffic Booster by StoreYa

Traffic Booster is an all-in-one PPC management and automation tool and service that uses unique machine learning and AI technology to optimize Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. In short, it manages and automates all your eCommerce ads

Designed to drive the most relevant customers to the most relevant pages at the lowest possible cost, StoreYa offers various packages to suit small to large advertising budgets.

Note: Traffic Booster is the only PPC management software that takes over every aspect of your PPC marketing. It combines human marketing experts and machine learning to optimize your ads, helping your brand achieve optimal ROAS. 


With StoreYa’s Traffic Booster you can select plans from default options. All plans include PPC setup, management, optimization, and ad spend. Once you research positive ROAS, you can easily upgrade your plans based on ad budget. 

storeya pricing options

Top Features

Here are some of the top features you can expect from the pro versions of Traffic Booster. 

  • Dedicated marketing expert and account manager 
  • Real-time optimization
  • Multi-channel dashboard 
  • Automatic bid optimizer and machine learning 
  • Ability to monitor metrics from all channels on one dashboard
  • Advanced features designed for enterprise growth (Enterprise edition) 
  • Budget is included in the cost 
  • Ability to manage and sync products feed with no limitations  

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

Here are Traffic Booster integrated PPC channels and campaigns. 

  1. Google Shopping and Smart Shopping ads 
  2. Dynamic remarketing ads  
  3. Search & Dynamic Search Ads 
  4. YouTube Shopping & action ads
  5. Smart display campaigns ads
  6. Dynamic retargeting ads
  7. Instagram & Facebook acquisition ads
  8. Bing, TikTok, Pinterest Ads and more [Enterprise Edition]

Traffic Booster vs. WordStream

The most significant advantage of using Traffic Booster as a WordStream alternative is that your PPC campaigns will be fully managed and optimized. While WordStream is designed to make DIY management easier, StoreYa’s Traffic Booster machine learning and marketing experts take all the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on other marketing activities while ensuring your campaigns convert. 

Alternative Marketing Automation Management Tools & Services

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 2. AdEspresso by Hootsuite

Like WordStream, AdEspresso is a PPC management platform that allows advertisers to create, manage, monitor, and optimize all their PPC campaigns from one dashboard. Although it only supports Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, AdEspresso is an affordable solution for business owners and PPC marketers who are looking for one platform for all their PPC marketing.   


AdEspresso has three pricing plans, all of which come with a 14-day trial. Like WordStream, their pricing doesn’t include an actual ad budget, so you’ll need to factor in ad spend on top of their pricing. 

adespresso pricing options

Top Features

Here are some of the top features you can expect from the pro versions of AdEspresso. 

  • Daily actionable in-app optimization tips
  • Intuitive campaign creation flow to create campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or Google
  • Facebook Ads PDF reports 
  • Connect CRM or email marketing tools to your Facebook Ad account 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

Here are AdEspresso integrated PPC channels and campaigns.

  1. Google Search and Display ad campaigns  
  2. Facebook ads
  3. Instagram ads 

AdEspresso vs. WordStream

AdEspresso is very similar to WordStream in many ways, but there are some key advantages and disadvantages to consider. For one, AdEspresso includes a free trial while WordStream doesn’t, allowing brands to make sure it’s the right fit for their needs. However, when it comes to off-Facebook campaign expertise, AdEspresso is lacking. 

 3. Adzooma

Another alternative to WordStream is Adzooma. Adzooma also offers an all-in-one solution for PPC marketers to create, monitor, and manage campaigns from one central PPC platform. 


This PPC management software alternative offers a free version, but it’s pretty basic. Paid upgrades start at $99 per month but this doesn’t include any advertising budget. 

Adzooma pricing options

Top Features

  • Ability to manage multiple Google, Facebook, and Microsoft accounts
  • Rule-based automation and campaign templates 
  • Personalized reporting 
  • In-app optimization tips and suggestions 
  • Advanced SEO tool for SERP insights

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Google ad campaigns 
  2. Facebook and Instagram ads 
  3. Microsoft Ads 

Adzooma vs. WordStream

While both platforms offer multiple-channel management, Adzooma’s paid version includes rules to help advertisers minimize the hassle of workaround PPC management. However, like WordStream, PPC management and optimization is still done by the marketer. Also, Adzooma’s channels and features are currently limited, and you won’t get a designated marketing assistant or expert to help. 

4. AdRoll

AdRoll is a little different from WordStream, as it also includes other marketing channels such as email marketing, onsite promotions, and customer loyalty strategies. However, their campaign management options are minimal and only include basic brand awareness and retargeting ads. 


AdRoll offers a free starter program that allows users to test their platform before investing in their paid plan, which starts at $19 per month – not including any ad budget.

Adroll pricing options

Top Features

  • Brand awareness and retargeting ads
  • Email marketing platform 
  • Onsite product recommendations
  • Audience insights and management 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Awareness ads 
  2. Retargeting ads 
  3. Video ads 

AdRoll vs. WordStream

AdRoll offers less PPC management software functionality than most of its competitors. It’s an affordable option for a newbie online store looking for one platform for email and some light PPC remarketing campaigns. If you’re looking for a more robust PPC management system for eCommerce, you would be better off with Traffic Booster than either AdRoll or WordStream. 

how to set up google ads for eCommerce

 5. Acquisio

With cross-channel ad tools, built-in PPC automation rules, in-platform optimization tips, and integrated data, Acquisio offers a simple way for PPC marketers to manage campaigns from one place. However, the tool is designed more for Google PPC or auto trade agencies than for businesses.  


Acquisio keeps their pricing very close to their chest – they create packages on a business-by-business basis.  

Acquisto pricing options

Top Features

  • Automated dynamic SEM campaign 
  • Accounts dashboard and KPI builder 
  • Unified cross-channel data 
  • Pre-qualified leads and prospects 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Google Display and Search ads
  2. Bing search engine ads
  3. Facebook ads 
  4. Instagram ads 

Acquisio vs. WordStream

While WordStream isn’t a complete replacement for running your own Google Ads and other PPC campaigns like Traffic Booster, many small businesses find their management system easier to use than Acquisio. Ultimately, Acquisio is PPC management software for agencies rather than marketers. This means their product design is focused towards more tech-minded SEM service providers. 

 6. Constant Contact

Best suited for brand new online sellers, Constant Contact is essentially an email marketing platform that includes marketing management capabilities for social and search ads. It also has a built-in social media content marketing feature for posting and scheduling Facebook and Instagram page posts. 


Constant Contact offers a one-month free trial, after which plans start at $20 per month. 

Constant Contact pricing options

Top Features

  • Built-in Facebook and Instagram ads manager 
  • Social posting, inbox, scheduling, and analytics
  • Segmented and automated emails
  • Drag-and-drop email marketing campaign creator 
  • List-building tools

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Facebook ads 
  2. Instagram ads 
  3. Google Search campaigns 

Constant Contact vs. WordStream

Comparing Constant Contact and WordStream is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Although they both allow advertisers to manage campaigns from one place, Constant Contact is geared more for new eCommerce entrepreneurs looking for one platform for email marketing, social marketing, and even site-building.

Newbie Tip: New to eCommerce? Head over to our How to Start a Clothing Store post for a step-by-step guide on creating an eCommerce brand marketing strategy.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a robust solution for small to large companies across various industries. It allows users to manage multiple important marketing tasks through one channel. Think of it more as a content marketing tool that offers PPC management. 


Marketing Hub pricing starts at $50 per month for basic features, but if you want to use their PPC automation management features, you are looking at $890 per month. Bear in mind, this does not include your actual ad spend. 

hubspot pricing options

Top Features

  • Ad management dashboard
  • Landing page builder 
  • Conversational bots 
  • Reporting dashboard 
  • SEO recommendations 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Google Search Console integration 
  2. Google Ads 
  3. Facebook ads and Instagram ads 
  4. LinkedIn Ads 

HubSpot vs. WordStream

HubSpot has many more features than WordStream, and if you’re a content marketer or run a B2B service, these can be worth the additional spend. While both let you manage Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads within their PPC software, HubSpot also includes LinkedIn. Neither DIY management solution includes actual ad spend in their pricing or offers full PPC management and optimization. 

8. Kenshoo

Kenshoo is a popular alternative to WordStream for online marketers who want to manage cross-channel performance from one dashboard. The brand offers a variety of marketing tools and solutions. In terms of PPC management, they offer a search campaign management software that focuses on advanced analytics. 


Kenshoo does not offer any free trials. Their pricing is customized to specific businesses and based on the individual solutions you wish to use. 

Top Features

  • Customized onboarding plan 
  • Marketplace, mobile, and search engine API integration 
  • Conversion tracking
  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Budget management 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Google Ads 
  2. Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns 
  3. Microsoft Ads 
  4. Pinterest and Snapchat Ads 
  5. Amazon and Yahoo Ads 

Kenshoo vs. WordStream

Although they offer the same PPC channel variety, Kenshoo separates social and search into two different solutions. Their search management doesn’t include direct assistance from marketing experts or offer the same channel versatility or user-friendliness as StoreYa.

9. Mailchimp Marketing Platform

Mailchimp is a very familiar email marketing software used by a wide range of businesses for email automation. However, their marketing platform also offers social post and digital ad management.


Like WordStream and most of its competitors (excluding StoreYa), Mailchimp’s pricing does not include ad spend. Also, as it’s first and foremost an email marketing platform, their pricing is based on the number of contacts you have.

Mailchimp pricing options

Top Features

  • Full email marketing functionality 
  • Shoppable landing page builder 
  • Integrates with 200+ apps and tools 
  • Basic digital ad management 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Facebook and Instagram ads 
  2. Google remarketing ads 

Mailchimp vs. WordStream

Although they are competitors, these tools’ core purposes are quite different. Mailchimp is a content marketing suite with digital ad management that allows users to manage more of their marketing from a single platform. The downside is they don’t have as many PPC options as WordStream, or offer automated PPC management and optimization like Traffic Booster. 

10. MarinOne

Aimed at medium to large businesses, MarinOne is a web-based PPC management software that is similar to WordStream. However, it includes additional functionality, including CRM and data warehousing. 


A bit on the pricey side compared to other alternatives, MarinOne costs around $499 per month, excluding ad budgets. To get an accurate estimate for your business, you would need to reach out to them for a consultation. 

Top Features

  • Cross-channel insights on a unified dashboard
  • AI-assisted bidding function
  • Budget allocation 
  • Automated alerts and recurring reports

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Facebook and Instgram 
  2. Google 
  3. Amazon 
  4. Microsoft   
  5. LinkedIn  
  6. Twitter  

MarinOne vs. WordStream

These two PPC management software tools are pretty similar in features, with a few exceptions. MarinOne offers a few additional functionality including APIs, user, role, and access management, fraud prosthetics and frequency capping. However, it’s not rated well for user-friendliness.

Focusing on social media ads, Smartly helps businesses create and manage digital ads on a variety of social channels from a centralized platform. It’s better suited to large companies looking to automate social media marketing for multiple campaigns. 


Smartly doesn’t provide service or package prices on their site. Instead, you will need to contact them for a business consultation. They offer either self-service (with support) or fully-managed service options.

smartly pricing options

Top Features

  • Feed or catalog-based creative automation
  • Cross-platform campaign creation
  • Custom KPIs & attribution windows
  • Predictive budget allocation

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns 
  2. Pinterest ads 
  3. Snapchat ads 

Smartly vs. WordStream

As a social media tool, Smartly is the winning platform, as it helps users with social media ad design and management across specific channels. However, as a PPC management tool, its focus on social media is limiting for businesses looking for more PPC-specific marketing capabilities. You would need an additional tool for search platforms. 

12. Semrush

Semrush is a full-service platform that enables businesses or in-house marketers to manage SEO, content marketing, competitor research, and social media marketing from a single platform.


As Semrush’s features are broken down into the different tools you can include in your package, their pricing is determined by how many tools you need. While their top-tier pricing is by quote, their smallest package starts at $119 per month, excluding ad spend. 

semrush pricing options

Top Features

  • Host of SEO tools 
  • PPC keyword research tools 
  • Social media content management 
  • Competitor research tools 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Google 
  2. Facebook and Instagram 
  3. Display advertising 

Semrush vs. WordStream

Known for SEO, it is no surprise that Semrush focuses on search optimization. This means that if you’re looking specifically for PPC management or automation, it may not be the solution for you. If you are using their SEO tool already or are looking to change short and long-tail keyword research tools from WordStream, Semrush offers far more functionality. 

13. Madgicx

Madgicx positions itself as an all-in-one advertising platform that offers autonomous ad buying capabilities across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. 


Madgicx’s starting price is in line with WordStream. However, like its competitor, the price doesn’t include the actual ad spend, and the basic plan is minimal. It does come with a free trial.  

madgicx pricing options

Top Features

  • Strategic dashboard 
  • Ad launcher 
  • Budget optimization 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Google Ads 
  2. Facebook and Instagram ads 

Madgicx vs. WordStream

Although Madgicx offers more automation in terms of PPC management, there is less human involvement with campaign creation, set up, and design. Their platform is rated lower in terms of user-friendliness. If you are an established online retailer, you should opt for Traffic Booster Enterprise instead, as it includes dedicated marketing expert support and more platform versatility. 

14. Sellics Amazon PPC Manger

Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon marketplace SEO and campaign management tool. Additional tools include Amazon listing optimization, keyword research, keyword tracking, and profit analytics. 


Sellics offers a free trial, with the cheapest plan starting at $198 per month for advertisers with up to $20k/month in ad spend.

Sellics pricing options

Top Features

  • Rules-based automation 
  • Campaign setup guides 
  • Advanced SEO tool and sales prediction analytics 
  • Account manager [Plus Version]
  • Monthly performance review calls [Plus Version]

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Amazon ads 

Sellics vs. WordStream

Sellics’s focus is solely on managing Amazon PPC campaigns and optimizing marketplace listings (SEO), which WordStream does not offer. However, as it doesn’t include any additional channels, you would need to invest in other PPC automation tools such as Traffic Booster to ensure you are covered.  

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Alternative PPC and Marketing Data Integration and Analytics Tools

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15. Growth Hero [Free Facebook Marketing Analytics Tool]

Growth Hero is a free tool for analyzing your brand’s Facebook Ads account. It gives marketers valuable optimization data such as top losing segments and campaigns, and ad set management audits.

growth hero app for Facebook ads


This tool is entirely free. 

Top Features

  • Campaigns and ad sets audits 
  • Audiences audits and optimization suggestions 
  • Cross-segmentation optimization evaluations 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Facebook ads 
  2. Instagram ads

Growth Hero vs. WordStream

Unlike WordStream, Growth Hero is a free PPC analytics tool that focuses solely on auditing your Facebook ads. It reviews your account and campaigns and gives you key insights to optimize your Facebook marketing. 

16. AgencyAnalytics

Explicitly designed for PPC agencies, AgencyAnalytics is an agency management software. It offers various marketing and SEO integration capabilities to help service providers manage multiple campaigns for multiple clients.  


Agency Analytics includes a 14-day free trial, with basic plans starting at $49 per month. 

Agencyanalytics pricing options

Top Features

  • Automated marketing reports
  • 60+ marketing integrations
  • Custom marketing dashboard
  • 100% brandable and includes SEO tools 

PPC Channels and Campaign Integrations 

  1. Amazon Ads 
  2. Bing Ads
  3. Facebook and Instagram ads
  4. Google Ads 
  5. Google Display & Video 
  6. LinkedIn Ads 
  7. Pinterest ads
  8. Snapchat ads
  9. TikTok ads
  10. Twitter Ads
  11. YouTube ads 

AgencyAnalytics vs. WordStream

AgencyAnalytics is a popular WordStream alternative for agencies as it includes a broader range of marketing channel integrations, more SEO tools, and additional tools such as competitor analysis. While WordStream focuses on basic PPC management, AgencyAnalytics includes 60+ data integrations and far more detailed cross-channel reporting. 

Bonus Tip: If you are not an agency and are looking to automate your PPC management, then Traffic Booster is a better and more affordable option. If you are a large brand looking to consolidate all your PPC data in one place without management, you could try one of these tools: Improvado, Supermetrics, Datorama,, and Domo.

Alternative Keyword Research Tools to WordStream

Tried out Google Keyword Planner or WordStream’s free keyword tool and looking for something different? Let’s look at keyword tools as an alternative to WordStream and Google’s  to help you with keyword discovery and research for your brand, your campaigns (including negative keywords), and your SEO goals. 

Looking for another type of tool? Click on any of these sections.

17. Serpstat

Much more comprehensive than Google’s keyword tool, Serpstat is more than a discovery and research tool for SEO and PPC campaigns. This paid tool markets itself as an all-in-one SEO platform for professionals and in-house marketing teams, It offers a robust list of functions and tools aimed at more than just mining competitive short and long-tail keyword ideas. 


Serpstat’s plans start at $69 per month for basic SEO and PPC keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink analysis.

serpstat pricing options

Top Features

  • Keyword research tool 
  • Competitor analysis in organic search and paid search 
  • Analysis of contextual advertising 
  • Keyword difficulty and keyword data analysis  
  • Site audit tools 
  • SERP crawling services [search engines]

Serpstat vs. WordStream Keyword Tool 

While the WordStream keyword tool is free, Serpstat offers far more features than its competitor. With features that go beyond just a simple keyword research tool for ad campaigns, this tool can be used to optimize SEO, track competitors’ keywords, and research backlink strategies. 

18. SpyFu

Another keyword research alternative to WordStream is SpyFu. Offering some similar functions to Serpstat in terms of competitor analysis, they are a more affordable option for smaller businesses with lower budgets. 


SpyFu has a variety of pricing options. Their plans start at $33 per month and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SpyFu pricing options

Top Features

  • Unlimited search results
  • competitor SEO tool 
  • Domain comparison 
  • PPC keyword research and keyword difficulty
  • SERP checker

SpyFu vs. WordStream Keyword Tool 

WordStream’s free keyword tool will let you do basic short and long-tail keyword research and prioritize. SpyFu, on the other hand, includes a host of other SEO, backlink, and competitor research tools that you can use along with keyword research from the same software. 

19. Ubersuggest

Another keyword tool worth considering instead of WordStream is Ubersuggest. It includes basic research for relevant keywords for free, but its paid plans offer a host of backlinking and SEO tools. This includes short and long-tail keyword research, related keyword searches, keyword difficulty analysis, rank tracking and more. 


You can test the Ubersuggest keyword research tool for free, and the paid plans all include an additional 7-day free trial.

Ubersuggest pricing options

Top Features

  • Training and support 
  • Rank tracking and keyword data 
  • Site audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlinks
  • keyword difficulty

Ubersuggest vs. WordStream Keyword Tool 

Ubersuggest’s paid plans are affordable and offer far more features than its competitor. Additionally, the Enterprise plan offers more comprehensive features for agencies – something WordStream’s keyword tool does not offer.

20. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a keyword research tool that integrates with Chrome and Firefox, allowing you to see relevant keyword suggestions, search volume, cost per click, competition, and trend data directly from search. 


Their basic extension is free and provides a good amount of keyword research to get you started. For more in-depth features such as CPCs or competition, you will need to invest in paid options.  

Keyword Everywhere’s plans work a little differently to WordStream’s and other competitors’, as there is no monthly fee. Instead, users pay-as-they-go for a certain number of searches. 

Keywords everywhere pricing options

Top Features

  • Search volume
  • Cost per click
  • Google AdWords competition
  • Trend data
  • Keyword difficulty

Keywords Everywhere vs. WordStream Keyword Tool 

The most significant advantage Keywords Everywhere has over WordStream is that keyword suggestions, related keywords, keyword difficulty, and research can be seen directly from a user’s search. This allows users to see search volume and CPCs right under the Google search bar, and work with Google Suggest without leaving the tool/browser.

Bonus Tip: Looking for more information on keyword research, keyword data or finding keyword ideas for your brand? Visit our eCommerce Keyword Research full guide. It’s full of hacks and tips to upgrade your keyword research. 

Bottom Line: How to Choose the Best PPC Management Company or Platform for Your Business

As you can see, there are a lot of good alternatives to WordStream. Deciding which one to use will depend on your brand or marketing team’s needs, your overall budget, and of course, your primary PPC marketing channels. 

Simply put, you need to choose which features are vital and how much you’re willing to pay for them.  

If you are still unsure which PPC management software or keyword research tool is right for you, here are some suggestions: 

  1. For brands looking for full PPC management software that not only helps create and manage your campaigns but optimizes multiple campaigns for peak ROAS, your best options are Traffic Booster or Traffic Booster Enterprise
  2. If you are a PPC agency, you need PPC management software that allows you to manage campaigns yourself from one platform. In this case, you may find AgencyAnalytics the best solution for you.  
  3. For eCommerce retailers, your best option is a PPC management system designed for and by eCommerce entrepreneurs and marketing experts. The best alternative, in this case, is Traffic Booster. 
  4. If you are a new business owner with a small budget looking for the best free tools for PPC and online marketing, then you may want to start with Growth Hero or Benchmark Hero to audit where your marketing currently stands. 

Still have PPC management questions?  Post them in the comments below. 

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