Another hilarious metaverse spoof, L’Oreal ‘worth it’ and more: top creative ads

Metaverse is the new punching bag for select brands and cartoonists alike. A new ad for First Bank in Thailand takes a pot shot at both metaverse and the the ad industry itself. Aside from that I also liked the new interpretation of the classic ‘Because you’re worth it’ from L’Oreal in my weekly compilation of creative ads.

L’Oreal: Lesson of Worth

In 1971, Ilon Specht a junior copywriter at McCann created the famous line ‘Because You’re Worth It’ which has served as a mission for the brand, more than a mere tag line. It was coined during a phase where portrayal of women in advertising was questionable and hence resonated so powerfully. A new campaigns gets celebrities to speak about what the phrase means to them: ‘these spokespersons lay themselves bare and give their personal testimony. Whatever their background, origins, ages and successes, everyone has a story of their own journey of self-worth.’ The one featuring Kate Winslet is the most powerful of them as it is visually engaging beyond being a talking head.

Agency: McCann, Paris

First Choice Bank: metaverse

When ads are aimed at the advertising community, the ones who ‘get’ what’s happening is limited. One felt that with the recent campaign from Swiggy Instamart which spoofed famous ads. Nevertheless, another hilarious spot from Thailand has loads of fun at the cost of clients who make changes to an and then ‘approve’ it after countless iterations.

Agency: Leo Burnett Thailand

IKEA: at home, finally

In search of anchoring ads on higher order benefits several brands have relegated the product story to the background to the extent that the brand becomes incidental to this script. A new ads from IKEA tells its product story through the lens of a dysfunctional world (where nothing works out right) yet doesn’t let idea be far removed from the product benefit. Loved it. The transformation from the chaotic to the orderly in just a few seconds nailed it.

Agency: Thjnk

Old Spice: curls are cool

Since its re-launch with the famous ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign starring Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice has consistently been ‘quirky’ , maybe even bizarre it is tone of voice and personality across variants. A new ad for its shampoo & conditioner promising ‘curls’ is not just different from category codes but is good entertainment too.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

BBC: This is our BBC

When it comes to announcements for a new season of shows, television network have long relied on the montage format for years now. Usually, such clips use sequences and dialogues from the content itself – an actor going ‘that’s great!’ to an announcement from the voice over – you get the drift. Yet, the format is a perennial favourite and works well in the context of BBC attempting to convey they enjoy a ‘special place in UK culture’.

Agency: BBC Creative

Chevrolet: Walter the cat

There’s a certain check list applicable to popular automobile ads from the US, mostly aired during Super Bowl. While I am not sure this was meant for the event it certainly feels like the one with all the right ingredients: a cute cat with super powers, humour and great production values.

Agency: Commonwealth/McCann

Pringles: mind popping

‘Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop’ introduced in 1996, would easily feature in the all-time great tag lines for brands. It conveyed the irresistible taste (albeit a generic benefit of Pringles) in a memorable way. A new campaign idea and tagline made a debut this week focusing on the unique shape of the brand – don’t look for logic as this is a category which relies heavily not just on the product taste but the entertainment value of the ad too.

Agency: Grey

The campaign involves outdoor ads which dramatise the shape of the product and manage to evoke a chuckle.

Mattress Firm: Junk Sleep is a Slippery Slope

As I noted earlier, ‘junk sleep’ is a memorable way to describe poor quality of sleep. It also sits well with the belief that lack of sleep affects our mood and productivity the next day. ‘Ray Donovan’ star Liev Schrieber plays the tough who cares routine forewarning the dangers of poor sleep. The segue into Mattress Firm and their Sleep Experts is natural after that.

Agency: Droga5

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