Creative ads of the week: Uber Eats, J&B ‘She’ and more

Advertising competes for our attention. We tend to ignore it as we have more important issues occupying our minds. Add to it the general clutter of media and we have to appreciate creative ads which get noticed and stay memorable. My weekly compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads is a small tribute to marketing & advertising teams everywhere. Here are a few which caught my this past week:

Uber Eats: timely delivery

Fast delivery is a generic promise in the category where Uber Eats operates. But sometimes delays do happen. Consumer angst is high in such cases and they resort to complaining with customer support or venting on social media. A new campaign from Uber Eats admits that delays do happen sometimes – for reasons beyond their control. ‘Something unpredictable happens’ is the cue to create humorous situations that possibly helps make light of the delay – when it happens.

Agency: Special

J&B: She, a Christmas tale

A few seconds into the film and you’ll be wondering what this tale is all about. The script, acting and direction masterfully creates anticipation – making you wait for the twist which you know is going to come. And it does. The brand, introduced towards the end fits into the context and the story very well. Let me not add any spoilers.

Agency: El Ruso de Rocky

Coca-Cola: mini-films, not ads

The Christmas film of Coca-Cola is a much awaited event in the marketing calendar of the brand. Usually it’s a conventional TV spot. Feel-good factor keeping in line with the theme of the season is common, though the brand may play a peripheral role. This year, the brand has junked the conventional 30-second ad and instead opted for ‘content’ – they have create three short films of 10-min each which will be aired on Prime Video.

Agency: Grey

Dutch State Lottery: ‘Don’t wait for luck to happen’

Over the years, lottery ads have told great stories anchored on the perennial hope that one might just get lucky. There have also been humorous ads dramatising the effects of ‘too much money’. A new ad from Staatsloterij – the Dutch State Lottery has a beautiful, fresh perspective -‘don’t wait for luck to happen’. Though one can guess the plot early on, it still makes for a touching ad.

Agency: TBWANeboko

Red Sox: copywriting

Over the years, have noticed that some great work in print and TV comes from several small, regional agencies in the US. Given that it’s a vast country with several business hubs and large businesses (even if catering to one region) – it is natural I suppose. It’s not just the mammoth network agencies based out of big cities that produce good work consistently. And their work doesn’t usually make it to the global ad portals – but one stumbles upon them. Here is one such from an agency TwoByFour (70 people across two offices). I loved the copywriting, the swag and the overall style.

Another regional agency whose work I admire is Sukle.

FIFA: topical ads

In sports, a highly anticipated match is seen as an opportunity by brands to garner eyes, or mind space. While they’re maybe many brands vying for attention, including the sponsors of the event, many others try to appropriate the buzz to their brand. In that light a few brands took their chances and put out ads prior to the England-France match in the hope that it will catch attention and can be carried forward. It was a risk which did not pay off but kudos to their guts.

Which was your favourite? Comment in.

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