A lineup of select Super Bowl ads and other top creative ads of the week

Every week I attempt to publish a compilation of creative ads. Having worked in ad agencies for a long time, I know how difficult the seemingly simple task of creating ads that get noticed, is. Here are some ads which caught my eye in the past week or so including those meant for the upcoming Super Bowl:

Specsavers: should’ve gone to…

By now ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ has become part of popular culture to cue the ‘stitch in time saves nine’ concept. In ad agencies, ‘an idea with legs’ is a common reference to the many creative possibilities of brand property or creative idea. The Specsavers property is one such. Here is a the latest version which dramatises the mishaps which could have been avoided, if only…

Meanwhile, the same idea is taken forward using the characteristics of the print medium using the familiar vision test seen in clinics.

Shot on iPhone: Little Garlic – Chinese New Year

The ‘Shot on iPhone’ series – which began as an outdoor campaign has been a trendsetter in many ways. The outdoor campaign showed the results of the phone camera instead of simply listing its technical specifications (which is what most Android brands did) – the classic features vs. benefits approach. Also the sight of seeing the names of regular folks up on a billboard, along with images they clicked would motivate many iPhone users to try their hand at photography, send their contribution or simply feel good about their brand choice. When the video capabilities of the iPhone became better, the idea was carried forward to showcase the movie making – even Hollywood-quality movie making. Entire short films recorded on a phone have been a thing – to coincide special occasions such as Chinese New Year or Diwali. Premium phones from the Android world, such as Opposed, OnePlus and Samsung too have copied the ‘Shot on’ idea.

This year’s Chinese New Year film tells the story of a young girl’s insecurities about her looks and identity which would resonate across the world. It’s a great coming together of cinematic skills and commercial creativity. I sat through the entire 15-minute duration without a pause or losing interest and felt emotional at many points in the film. Beautifully done.

Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab Shanghai

Booking.com: body doubles

‘A wide variety of options’ is a generic proposition when it comes to travel aggregator brands. The magic of advertising lies in how such a proposition is interpreted either by the Planning or the creative teams. In this ad for Booking.com the creative idea is to suggest that many avatars of oneself is needed to enjoy the various types of holiday options – from the rustic to the wild. The bonus: Tina Fey and other celebrities.

Uber Eats: Victoria and David Beckham

A clip from popular culture became a meme. And now a Super Bowl ad is anchored on that meme. An interview with Victoria Beckham where David Beckham interrupted her to tell viewers the brand of car her dropped her to school, became a meme. Uber Eats has cleverly used that moment to as a teaser.

Doordash: delivering everything

I had a ‘wish I had thought of this’ moment when I read about this. DoorDash will deliver all the brands advertised during the Super Bowl – yes, *all* the brands to one lucky person. The catch – they have to watch the DoorDash ad during the event and add the promo ad on a landing page. Brilliant way to ensure engagement and fits in well with the concept of door delivery of anything.

Oreo: Twist on it

A common feature of Super Bowl ads (aside from celebrities and talking animals) is a quirky or even outlandish plot. A new spot from Oreo opines that some landmark events in history were decided by a ‘twist of fate’ – literally.

Doritos: Dinamita teaser and building sticker

I wasn’t aware of Jenna Ortega until I checked out the context to these teasers from Doritos for their Dinamita variant. The ads have all the ingredients of a great trailer – creating anticipation for the reveal on the big game day, that too with the variant name built into them.

Also, in creativity of another kind, the product form has been embedded on to an iconic building in Las Vegas.

Snapchat: Less Social Media

‘Less Social Media. More Snapchat’ is the competitive position of Snapchat taking on the negatives of social media platforms.

This campaign shines a light on the unfiltered, bright yellow world of Snapchat – where people can easily share what matters to them in the moment, with the people that matter to them most. A place with more of their friends. With more of the real parts of their lives, not just the best parts. With more joy. And fun. And laughter. Check it out. 


The negatives of social platforms are highlighted in a dedicated page: ‘We all need more connection. We just need less social media to do it.’ [Click on the image below to play the ad on YouTube].

Paramount Plus: Hey Arnold

As I have said before, I am a big fan of the idea ‘A mountain of entertainment’ for Paramount. It integrates the distinct and long-established brand asset of the logo we which we have all seen in theatres and OTT platforms. A hilarious new ad uses the familiar format of bringing many stars across genres.

Agency: Droga5, New York

loveholidays: customised holidays

Many travel agencies and aggregator brands promise customised holidays. While the proposition might not be unique, loveholidays conveys the idea in a simple, yet distinct manner.

Hellmann’s: mayo cat

No Super Bowl is complete without a cat featuring in an ad, I suppose. Here’s one from Hellmann’s which playfully puns on mayo and meow. What’s not to like?

Google Pixel 8: Guided Frame

Blind director Adam Morse brings the Guided Frame feature on Pixel 8 to life in this ad meant to air during the Super Bowl. Guided Frame uses Google AI to make it easier for people with blindness or low vision to capture photos and share daily life.

HDFC: fraud awareness

With deepfakes being talked about in social media – the chances of common people falling prey to fraudsters is high.

Knowing that a lot of people would fall prey to End of Season Sales, the brand property of Vigil Aunty posed using actress Nora Fatehi’s deepfakes, for a glamorous, but ‘unheard’ fashion brand called ‘Lulumelon’.

The campaign went live on 20th January, starting with the offers on the fictitious brand Lulumelon’s Instagram page. Nora Fatehi revealed the idea behind the campaign in the reveal video which she put up on her Instagram page on January 23.


Agency: FCB Kinnect

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